Being a leader is a commitment. With the effective execution of strategic goals in mind, IZOBLOK is strongly involved in activities and implementation of R&D projects.


IIZOBLOK GmbH has its own tooling service, which provides maintenance services for IZOBLOK Group's clients. The service is equipped with modern machine park.




IZOBLOK GmbH is part of the IZOBLOK Capital Group. The company has been operating on the EPP processing and EPP-element manufacturing market since 1997. The company's customers include especially entities related to the automotive industry. The company owns a plant in Ohrdurf (Thuringia) with an area of 20,000 m², where it employs over 200 people.

The plant is equipped with approx. 60 manufacturing machines operating in a 3-shift system, 5 days a week. IZOBLOK GmbH processes ca. 3,000 tons of raw material per year. The recipients of the Company's products include both the TIER 1 group as well as OEMs. IZOBLOK GmbH has its own, patented EPP raw material, processed using the extrusion technology.

IZOBLOK GmbH is a preferred supplier for Ford (Q1).





Jarosław  Ciemniejewski, Geschäftsführer


Over 15 years of management experience in the optimization and production area. He obtained his managerial experience both domestically and abroad, mainly in companies from the automotive industry. Graduate of the Viadrina European University (Oder), Faculty of Enterprise Management, and of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Management Psychology. Graduate of MBA studies at the University of Szczecin, with a diploma from the Manchester Metropolitan University. 




IZOBLOK started its operational activity in 1998 as part of a green field-type investment project. Due to the planned listing of IZOBLOK shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (the NewConnect market), in 2011 the company changed its legal form to a stock joint company. During 18 years of operating on the EPP processing market, IZOBLOK has managed to secure the appreciation of the largest and most renowned brands of the automotive and logistics industries. In 2016, IZOBLOK S.A. assumed 100% of shares at SSW PearlFoam GmbH which is now part of the Capital Group.



Establishment of the IZOBLOK Capital Group;
Acquisition of 100% of shares at the Germany company SSW PearlFoam GmbH (M&A transaction);


Listing of Company shares on the primary board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange;
Setting up the company's toolshop ;
Obtaining of the CCC (China Compulsory Certification) certificate from the China Quality Certification Centre;
Purchase of real estate at ul. Legnicka for the development
of Plant 1;


Start of manufacturing at the plant at ul. Kluczborska (Plant 3);
Acquisition of subsidizing for R&D projects (EU subsidy);
Start of a modern gas boiler room in the plant at ul. Narutowicza (Plant 2);


Start of construction of production plant at ul. Kluczborska (Plant 3);
Start of cooperation with Lear Corporation (TIER);
Obtaining the status of preferred supplier – Formel Q Fähigkeit – from Volkswagen;


Obtaining the status of preferred supplier – JLRQ from Jaguar Land Rover;
Purchase of industrial property together with buildings at ul. Kluczborska;


Change of the Company's legal form from a limited liability company to a joint stock company;
Listing of Company shares on the NewConnect market;


Ownership changes – acquisition of 49% of shares at IZO-BLOK
Sp z o.o. from Fagerdala Industri AB;
Start of direct cooperation with Jaguar Land Rover (OEM);
Obtaining the status of preferred supplier – Q1 – from FORD;
Start of cooperation with Audi;


Ownership changes – acquisition of 51% of shares at IZOBLOK
Sp. z o.o. from the Fagerdala Group (Fagerdala Industri AB) by Przemysław Skrzydlak and Andrzej Kwiatkowski;
Start of direct cooperation with the Volkswagen Group (OEM);


Launch of new installation for raw material conditioning;
Start of direct cooperation with VOLVO and FORD (OEM);


Implementation of an environmental management system coherent with standard ISO 14001
Start of production in the plant at ul. Narutowicza in Chorzów 
(Plant 2); 
Winning the position of leader in EPP processing in East-Central Europe;


Implementation of an ERP system;
Construction of a second plant for processing expanded polypropylene EPP at ul. Narutowicza in Chorzów (Plant 2);
Start of cooperation with FAURECIA (TIER);


Implementation of a quality management system coherent with ISO/TS 16949: 2002;
Start of cooperation with Johnson Controls (TIER);


Start of cooperation with NEFAB (a company from the packaging industry) on the Swedish and Hungarian market;


Implementation of a quality management system coherent with ISO 9001:2000;
Ownership changes – the Fagerdala World Foams Group (a world leader in processing expanded plastic [EPP, EPS,EPE ,XPP] for industry needs) acquires 90% of shares at IZO-BLOK Sp z o.o.; Start of cooperation with MSA (a company from the packaging industry) on the British market – delivery of packagings dedicated for Honda and Nissan;


Works on mold prototypes and implementation of the biggest projects on the market: FORD Focus and FORD C-Max;


Start of cooperation with HP Group (TIER);


Implementation of a quality management system coherent with 
ISO 9002
Launch of production of EPP-based returnable packages (reusable containers);


Start of EPP processing mainly for the automotive industry;
Start of cooperation with Daewoo-FSO (OEM);


Establishing of IZO-BLOK Sp. z o.o. – launch of a green field-type investment process
– construction of the first Polish expanded polypropylene (EPP) processing plant, at ul. Olszewskiego in Chorzów (Plant 1);



Our vision determines the framework of our operations. It specifies and helps in achieving sustainable, quality growth. The mission of our company sets the direction in which we are moving. It constitutes a point of reference for the activities and strategic decisions we make.

Our goal is to create a global company, in which team knowledge, commitment
and experience considerably contribute to the development of the company's potential and to the increase of its value for shareholders. Full flexibility, quickness of operation and high quality standards allow us to fulfill the requirements and high demands of our customers, at the same time creating a foundation for mutually beneficial and long-standing relations.



Values such as commitment and responsibility are in the center of our attention. It is thanks to them that we can deliver top quality services and maintain high effectiveness at the same time.
Openness and creativity pave the way for creating innovative product solutions implemented successfully in low, medium and large volume projects.
Meanwhile, teamwork and consistent activities help us to contribute to the success of our customers and business partners.  










The IZOBLOK brand is a synonym of top quality services and products, as well as fresh and innovative solutions, which is reflected in numerous business and branch awards. 






We work for the most recognizable brands in the automotive, logistics and packaging industry, contributing to their success.



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